Commercial HVAC Installation

Commercial HVAC Installation in Portland OR - Heinz MechanicalTo ensure commercial buildings have a comfortable indoor environment year-round, it’s essential to have a properly functioning HVAC system. At Heinz Mechanical, we provide our customers with professional heating and cooling installation services you can count on. Whether you have a hospital, school, or other office building in need of service, we can handle all of your commercial HVAC installation needs!

Signs You Need a New HVAC System

If your current HVAC system isn’t functioning properly, it can cost your business or building a pretty penny, especially if the problem worsens. The last thing you want is for your heating or cooling system to suddenly stop working.

There are several signs you may need to upgrade your HVAC system to a newer, more efficient model:

  • Increasing energy bills: Older systems use more energy to heat or cool a space.
  • Weird noises: Older units can get rather loud and emit strange noises.
  • Too many repairs: If your HVAC has problems more often than not, it may be beyond repair.
  • Long running time: When your air conditioning or furnace runs for longer than usual, it’s a sign the unit has become less efficient.
  • Old age: HVAC systems function properly for approximately a decade with good maintenance before they lose efficiency and become costly.

Clients Who Benefit from Commercial HVAC Units

The professional contractors at Heinz Mechanical have experience serving the HVAC installation needs across a wide array of commercial buildings, including:

  • Medical Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Zoos
  • Stadiums
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Government Buildings

Choosing Heinz Mechanical for Your Commercial HVAC Installation

Whether you’re looking to update your existing HVAC system or need to replace it completely, our Heinz Mechanical technicians are dedicated to providing outstanding service from the start. If the HVAC system in your medical office, school, or corporate building isn’t working properly, you can count on the professionals at Heinz Mechanical to work with you every step of the way in fixing or installing a new unit. We are dedicated to providing our customers with service and maintenance they can count on. Call us today to learn more about installing a new HVAC system in your commercial property!

HVAC Upgrade

What are you doing to address ventilation in your building amid COVID-19? While handwashing, staying home, and physical distancing remain the most effective ways of helping reduce the spread of the virus, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends schools, medical offices, and other commercial buildings have their HVAC systems inspected and/or upgraded to help improve indoor air quality and help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Below is a list of steps the agency is recommending for commercial businesses:

  • Evaluate the building to ensure it’s ready to be occupied
  • Ensure ventilation systems are properly working, following guidance recommended by Standard Practice
  • for Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial Building HVAC Systems
  • Open windows and doors to help increase air circulation

HVAC Ventilation

When it comes to air filters in your HVAC system, you’ll want to pay attention to MERV ratings. MERV stands for “minimum efficiency reporting value.” It is how air filters are rated in their effectiveness to trap tiny particles. The higher the MERV rating, the more effective.

Researchers believe COVID-19 is between 0.06 to 1.4 microns, compared to pollen, dust, mold, and bacteria which have particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, and labs frequently use high-efficiency air filters with MERV ratings between 13 to 16. But retrofitting an air filter on your existing system may be difficult, especially if it isn’t equipped to accommodate a high-efficiency filter. Plus, it may actually decrease your indoor air quality, and put more strain on your system.

You’ll want to have an HVAC contractor assess your unit and install the largest MERV number filter your system can handle safely. If it cannot handle the one you want, you may want to upgrade your HVAC system.

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