Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems require complex technical and design solutions to provide clean, conditioned air on a large scale.

Because these systems serve multiple purposes, choosing experienced commercial HVAC contractors ensures that the systems recommended for a business or manufacturing site are appropriately sized, designed and installed.

Special needs areas such as separate duct systems for isolation rooms in hospitals or manufacturing areas, heavy-duty exhaust for restaurant kitchens, and precision temperature control for computer rooms require specially-designed equipment that must be easily operated and continually maintained.

air handling units provided by Commercial HVAC Contractors Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WA

Air Handling Units

Our Commercial HVAC Contractors are highly experienced in installing and maintaining air handling units. If your property is in need of an air handling unit, contact us. We’ll size your AHU system properly and tune it specifically for your building’s requirements to optimize the efficiency and climate control you need.

Condensing Units installed and maintained by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WA


Air conditioner condensers are one of the most important parts of your commercial AC unit. Without the condenser your air conditioner will be unable to properly cool the air. We are specialists who can make recommendations based on energy efficiency and help you install new AC condenser units at a reasonable price.

CRAC Units - Computer Room AC Unit Installation Portland OR Vancouver WA

Computer Room AC Units

Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC units) ensure that data centers and other types of technology-focused environments stay cool. Data centers, schools, medical facilities and server rooms use them to maintain specific temperatures needed for the valuable equipment they house.

Cooling Towers designed and installed by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WA


Common applications for cooling towers are providing cooled water for air conditioning, electric power generation, and manufacturing. If you are in need of installing a cooling tower, the certified and experienced team at Heinz Mechanical will guide you through the entire process.

hvac design services provided by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR


Pre-construction HVAC planning is an important part of the construction process. Commercial HVAC design services take into account load, air flow, special use areas and delivery of conditioned air to zones within the structure. Construction contracting services available.

Heat Pumps installation by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WA


Commercial heat pumps provide efficient heating and air conditioning for manufacturing facilities, schools, and similar buildings. Read about how heat pumps work and also what to expect with the Installation and the maintenance of your heat pump.

Steam Traps installed and maintained by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WA


Steam Traps are used to effectively manage pressure inside of heating and cooling applications without a loss of efficiency. Read about what to expect with steam trap installation, maintenance, service / repair or even replacement.

VAV box systems - Heinz Mechanical Commercial HVAC contractor serving Portland OR


VAV box systems are used to regulate the air temperature in manufacturing facilities, data centers, zoo enclosures and other large commercial spaces. Read an overview of how they work and why you should contact a a VAV system professional.

controls retrofitting HVAC services by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR


The Commercial HVAC Contractors of Heinz Mechanical ensure the correct installation and configuration of HVAC Controls. Retrofitting can lower energy bills and help avoid emergencies.

Design Build Commercial Construction Contractors Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WA


The Design Build team at Heinz Mechanical evaluates financial parameters as well as current and future needs. Using the DB process, all entities are involved from beginning to completion of the project.

duct modification services provided by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR


We fix poorly-designed configuration or incorrectly-sized ducts to prevent sub-par heating and cooling. Our trained and licensed experts can help prevent loss of cold or hot air for your business today.

commercial hvac contractors equipment replacement vancouver, wa and portland, or from Heinz Mechanical


Replacement of entire systems or integral components such as ductwork, cooling towers, and even hybrid systems can be custom-designed with energy efficiency and optimum performance in mind.

tenant buildouts provided by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR


Typically, small upgrades or repairs will return a unit to top working condition. Since most facilities grow with time, it is vital to make sure that an HVAC system can handle the expanded area.

hvac chillers installation contractors repair and service Heinz Mechanical in Portland OR and Vancouver WA


If you require an air conditioning system that provides ample cooling for a large spacet, our experienced Commercial HVAC Contractors can help our customers save energy and improve efficiency.

ddc control systems design installation maintenance services provided by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR


Direct digital control systems (DDC) are used with commercial HVAC systems because they offer central monitoring and control, reduced energy use and excellent data analytics.

Commercial HVAC Installation in Portland OR - Heinz Mechanical


If the HVAC system in your medical office, school, or corporate building isn’t working properly, you can count on the professionals at Heinz Mechanical to work with you every step of the way in fixing or installing a new unit.

Commercial Packaged Unit Installation provided by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR


When it comes to heating and cooling your commercial property, you’ve got a lot of options. One system to consider is a packaged unit.

Experience Counts for Industrial HVAC Contractors

Experienced commercial HVAC companies work with challenging, complex systems in a variety of settings to deliver customized heating, cooling and air quality solutions to clients.

Schools, manufacturing sites, veterinary clinics and offices each require unique air quality and distribution systems for indoor comfort. Operation and maintenance of these systems must be efficient and appropriate for the purpose.

Commercial and industrial HVAC services include design and installation of tiered system architecture that operates direct digital control systems. Each tier operates specific controllers that govern components of the system such as central workstations, boilers, cooling towers and chillers.


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