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Cooling Towers

Cooling towers, chillers and computer room AC units (CRACs) are cost-effective and efficient ways to cool large volumes of air and water that become heated during industrial and commercial processes. Your specific application will determine which cooling solution is the best choice. Let’s take a look at each one.

Cooling Towers designed and installed by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WAHow Cooling Towers Work

Just as water evaporating on your skin cools it, a cooling tower removes heat from water through evaporation, but on a massive scale.

We have proven expertise in cooling tower design and installation. Here’s how the process works.

  • Heated air is pulled from the facility and pumped to the cooling tower
  • A large heat exchange surface in the tower allows the heat to pass from the air into water inside the tower
  • Fans in the tower facilitate the evaporation of the surface water – the water containing the most heat – and blow the hot, moist air up and out of the tower
  • The cooled air is circulated back through the system to collect additional heat

There are several variables in design, but this is the basic architecture of cooling towers. In some applications, the heat from the space is transferred to water through an AC system, and the hot water, rather than hot air, is pumped to the tower heat exchanger to be cooled.

How Chillers Work

Chillers remove heat from liquid in order to cool equipment. The process is achieved either through vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration. The heat removed might be exhausted or captured for heating other space. For example, heat removed from a data center might be reused to heat employee work areas.

How Computer Room AC Units Work

CRACs removes the large amount of heat created by mainframes and racks of servers/computers. Cool air is circulated among the racks where it picks up heat being exhausted by the equipment. The heat is them removed from the room and dispersed through a heat exchanger or repurposed within the facility.

Installation and Maintenance Specialists

These complex means of cooling air and water must be designed, installed and maintained by an experienced team with a track record of effective results. Our skilled professionals are industry leaders who will bring many years of experience to your project.

Choose the Leader in Commercial HVAC

Contact us today to learn more about our cooling tower, chiller and CRAC services We look forward to putting our skill and years of experience to work to solve your commercial cooling needs.

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