BIM Modeling

BIM modeling of internal units of building. Heinz Mechanical uses BIM modeling for construction management.Heinz Mechanical is a full mechanical construction company and we use BIM technology for construction management. Our team of mechanical contractors and engineers have worked on a wide range of projects from the healthcare industry to schools and government buildings. If you have a construction project that needs to be planned and designed, contact us today! We will ensure that your project will be completed on time and on budget.

What is BIM Modeling?

BIM service providers utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) to assist professionals who are involved in designing, engineering, and constructing new projects, which might include a hospital, stadium or school. BIM modeling is completed by a BIM designer who provides a way to view a three-dimensional model, which helps identify any technical issues that need to be resolved before a project gets started. Potential collisions can be remedied by using design alternatives, which help produce a more efficient construction process. BIM modeling services are utilized by architects, project owners, mechanical engineering teams and other members who rely on BIM in construction to coordinate scheduling, eliminate rework and optimize safety.

Benefits of Utilizing BIM In Construction Projects

Utilizing BIM in construction projects provides powerful solutions for complex building systems.
BIM shop drawings provide information about the piping system, mechanical equipment, electrical systems, and HVAC equipment. An investment in BIM services can help create the following:

  • Better coordination
  • Improvement in quality and risk reduction
  • A more efficient and timely design management process
  • Accurate digital representation of structural components

BIM Services Assist With Managing A Building Post-Construction

BIM modeling services are also beneficial after a hospital, school or medical office has been constructed. The three-dimensional model that’s been created by a BIM designer can be used by the management team of a building. The operations of a facility need to run smoothly for optimum system performance to occur. The database provided by BIM service providers gives a building manager the valuable database of information that is required to make this stage of a project successful. The maintenance of the building can be run more efficiently by studying the database and coming up with a strategic plan.

Owners and stakeholders want a reliable contractor to oversee the planning of new construction or renovation of an existing structure in a responsible and timely manner. Experienced construction contractors know how to assemble and work with a team of professionals and technicians who can plan, design and implement projects in accordance with the owner’s needs. Our project teams are made up of hard-working industry veterans with an average tenure of 15+ years – contact Heinz today to discuss your project!

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