Equipment Replacement

hvac equipment replacement and energy efficient services Vancouver WA & Portland OR from Heinz MechanicalKeeping the indoor environment of a commercial establishment comfortable and healthy for clients and employees is important. When a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system does not function properly, the business cannot function properly either.
A well-functioning HVAC system must provide not only heating and cooling. It must also provide adequate ventilation and indoor humidity control. When one of these elements does not perform properly, building occupants feel uncomfortable.

Equipment Replacement: Component Replacement Versus All-New HVAC Installation

As systems age, components break down or cease to function at optimum performance. A business owner may ask whether replacing a few elements of a system is adequate, rather than undertaking a completely new HVAC installation.
There are many components of a system including ducts, filters, thermostats, cooling towers, boilers, fans, evaporator coils and cooling coils. In a well-designed commercial system, equipment replacement must take into account the way each component is designed to interact with the others. In some circumstances, replacing one component may be adequate.
Often, however, new equipment is designed to work with new components that have compatible mechanical and digital mechanisms. An experienced commercial HVAC contractor takes into account factors such as load, placement of equipment, age, efficiency and condition before making recommendations about component replacement versus new HVAC installation.

Energy Efficiency and Equipment Replacement

Large-scale commercial entities often experience large monthly fuel bills. New HVAC equipment is designed for high energy efficiency. Inverter compressors, hybrid heating systems, alternative energy sources and ground-source heat pumps are just a few options that significantly reduce annual heating and cooling bills.
In climates with extreme summer heat, high humidity or cold winters, a reputable commercial HVAC contractor can recommend equipment that performs well under these conditions.

Entire systems or integral components such as ductwork and cooling towers can be custom-designed with energy efficiency and optimum performance in mind. In some situations, such as schools with assembly halls, industrial sites that require isolation rooms or other special use areas that require customized climate control, zoned HVAC installations take these special needs into account.

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