Direct Digital Control Systems

DDC Control Systems

ddc control systems design installation maintenance services provided by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland ORDirect digital control systems are used with commercial HVAC systems because they offer central monitoring and control, precise climate management, reduced energy use and excellent data analytics.  Small buildings often have a single system, but large buildings require a network of DDC control systems to manage HVAC operations.

The Architecture of DDC Control Systems

Most direct digital control systems have a tiered structure. The three tiers are:

  • A central work station with a desktop computer system or a laptop that sends, receives, processes and stores information for controlling HVAC operations. The work station is also referred to as an operator-machine interface (OMI) and is used to check and change settings of the system components, monitor system performance for problems and analyze data accumulated.
  • A system controller that receives input from the OMI and delivers it to a series of terminal controllers
  • The terminal controllers that control each component such as a boiler, chiller, VAV terminal or cooling tower

The tiers of DDC control systems communicate up the chain of control to deliver usable information to the operator at the central OMI. The result is tighter system control, better efficiency and faster identification and resolution of system problems.

Direct Digital Control Systems Installation and Maintenance

Heinz Mechanical Industries is the leader in installing and maintaining high-performance DDC systems. Our success comes from our team of skilled professionals with years of experience in the industry.

We’ll evaluate your needs and then design a direct digital control system tailored to meet them. Our systems are of the highest quality and include features that make them easy to use. Everything we install is backed by outstanding warranty protection for your peace of mind.

In addition, we maintain the systems that we install to keep them performing at peak efficiency year after year.

If you have DDC control systems in place that we didn’t install, we can still maintain and repair them and offer upgrades or replacement too.

Choose the DDC Control System Professionals

Contact us to discuss a commercial DDC control system that is right for your building. We look forward to partnering with you to develop a system to maximize climate control while minimizing energy consumption and cost.

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