Steam Trap Service and Repair

Steam Traps

Steam Traps installed and maintained by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WASteam Traps are used to effectively manage pressure inside of heating and cooling applications without a loss of efficiency. A steam trap allows pressure to build up in the system and only opens enough to allow condensate to be discharged. This function is extremely important in keeping your system running properly without excessive buildup of liquid waste.

How Steam Traps Work

Steam traps come in many different varieties including mechanical, thermostatic and thermodynamic. Currently, mechanical steam traps are the most common type of trap due to their simplicity and relatively inexpensive manufacturing cost.

These traps include a small collection chamber where condensate collects to form a liquid pool at the bottom. As the liquid builds up in the bottom of the chamber, it raises a valve which then opens a small port to a drain pipe.

The liquid is able to flow out of the bottom of the container until the liquid level drops back down below the valve’s resting place. Meanwhile, the steam which operates the system is still allowed to flow freely over the container without escaping.

Steam Trap Service and Repair

Many people are unaware of their steam traps working day in and day out to keep their facility’s climate comfortable. However, it is extremely important that you take the time to properly service and maintain your steam trap.

Steam trap service and repair is recommended at regular intervals including annual inspections. These inspections will tell you if your steam trap is functioning properly or if it is time for a replacement. A malfunctioning steam trap can cause too much liquid to condense inside your unit, causing damage further down the line, or it can allow steam to escape, costing you efficiency.

Either way it is important to have an experienced technician test your steam trap once a year. Our team has the tools necessary to complete these tests and identify any weaknesses in your system before they become a real burden.

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