What is the Ideal Temperature for a Server Room?

Large server room with monitoring device. Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA talks about what is the ideal temperature for a server room.

The ideal temperature for a server room should generally be between 50°F and 82°F in order for your system to work productively. If the temperature is too extreme on either scale, your system may overheat and you could lose any stored data. You also want to ensure your entire room maintains a steady temperature. If one section of your server room is warmer than another section, you could also experience hardware problems.

Maintaining Steady Temperatures

Most server rooms are generally large as they house dozens of electrical hardware. However, because these rooms are so large, it’s difficult to maintain a consistent temperature all throughout. You may even encounter hot spots. To help provide consistent ideal temperatures in your server room consider the following.

  • Proper unit: you’ll want to have a reliable air cooling unit for your server room that’s sized for the space you need. CRAC units and CRAH units are both widely-used for server rooms and data centers. A CRAC unit utilizes refrigerant while a CRAH utilizes chilled water.
  • Server racks: Most server rooms today use racks rather than towers because they are more efficient at cooling as air flows freely between the servers. You can also install fan trays to your server racks to help provide air circulation.
  • Air ducts: having strategically placed air ducts throughout your server room will help ensure your temperature remains steady.
  • Monitoring devices: monitoring devices keep track of your server room cooling system to make sure your equipment is performing at optimal conditions and is safe.

At What Temperature Will a Server Fail?

Your server will begin to fail when temperatures reach below 50°F and higher than 82°F. Server failure can put your business on hold for a few days to even a week. So it’s important to know the signs that your server is about to fail. Those include:

  • Constant reboots
  • Random server failures
  • Slow-running computers
  • Services failing

Server room cooling requires a strategic plan. If you need help keeping your server room cool, contact a professional like Heinz Mechanical. We provide computer room air conditioning units that are efficient and sure to keep your equipment safe and running at peak performance.

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