Ductwork Modifications and Installation


duct modifications services provided by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland ORAll companies, businesses, and organizations rely on their HVAC systems to create comfortable and safe environments for employees and customers. In the Pacific Northwest, winters are chilly, but the summers are hot. This is why it is important to have a dependable unit that provides adequate warmth and coolness.
The efficiency of any system rests on its ductwork. When parts are not sealed correctly or are designed with flaws, noticeable issues arise. To fix the problems, duct modifications may be necessary.

Common Ductwork Problems

Many times, ductwork problems are isolated to a few parts of a building. Air is not carried properly, which makes it impossible to provide adequate warmth or coolness to all areas. Having ducts that are not sized correctly may be to blame. Also, a facility’s ductwork installation may have included an improper layout design.

No matter the issue, an HVAC system must work harder to produce only subpar heating and cooling. Even as the thermostat is adjusted, the air quality does not improve. To avoid heightened energy bills and to maintain a healthy and comfortable interior temperature, duct modification is necessary.

Professional Ductwork Installation and Modifications

Heinz Mechanical Industries has ductwork modifications and installation experts who are trained, licensed, and knowledgeable in sheet metal applications. They will effectively and quickly diagnose all problems and recommend the best course of action.
These technicians are ready to perform modifications or complete a redesign so that an HVAC system becomes more efficient and has the ability to adequately heat and cool every part of a building. Often, a few simple customizations make a big difference.

When a building’s HVAC system is not performing its expected duties, its ducts may be sized incorrectly or poorly designed. The team at Heinz Mechanical Industries will arrive without haste and get to work on problematic areas.
To improve a facility’s air quality and comfort, call and schedule an appointment for duct modifications today.


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