Commercial Plumbing Contractors


A well-designed, well-maintained plumbing system is a critical element of any commercial or industrial building.

Plumbing is an integral part of the infrastructure, delivering potable water, removing wastewater and supporting use areas that require water such as kitchens, bathrooms, manufacturing centers and recreation areas such as fountains or pools.

When plumbing systems do not function properly, a business may suffer downtime or delays. Using a reputable, experienced commercial plumbing contractors ensures that all new installations, repairs and maintenance for new construction and retrofitting will be undertaken according to code and best industry practices.

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Commercial plumbing contractors Boiler Installation maintenance and repair provided by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WA


We understand the importance of making sure that boilers in commercial and industrial facilities have been serviced recently are up to code. The best time to fix boiler problems is before they become a problematic.

Pre Construction Plumbing and design assistance by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WA


Heinz Mechanical Industries offers a full range of pre-construction, design assist and construction services. The team includes all disciplines required to complete the project, enhancing overall cost-effectiveness and minimizing delays.

Commercial Hot Water Heater Installation maintenance and repair provided by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WA


Choose from gas, electric, high efficiency and on demand water heaters depending on your needs. Depending on the size and type of facility we can point you in the direction of the right water heater for your application.

new construction plumbing services provided by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WA


Our commercial plumbers design, construct and maintain systems. We provide design build services to manage a project from the design phase to completion.

Design Build Commercial Construction Contractors Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WA


The Design Build team evaluates financial parameters as well as current and future needs. Using the DB process, all entities are involved from beginning to completion.

Commercial Plumbing Installation

Planning and undertaking a new building project requires coordination of professionals in a variety of fields. Architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers and general contractors must work together to plan and complete a structure that is energy-efficient, attractive, easy to maintain and makes efficient use of space.

Commercial plumbing contractors work with these professionals in all phases of new construction and retrofitting. Placement of delivery and wastewater pipes, control rooms, sewers and septic systems, potable water systems and internal use areas must be logically designed for ease of use, safety, maintenance and adherence to code.

New commercial plumbing installations may include hot water heaters, boilers, furnaces and delivery of gas to internal activity areas. Specialized work areas such as kitchens, laboratories or manufacturing sites may require storage facilities for specialized gases and cryogens. Other important industrial plumbing features include backflow preventers, grease traps, chemical waste storage facilities and fire sprinkler systems.

Commercial Plumbing Contractors

Business owners who are planning new construction or retrofitting projects should use best business practices to select a commercial plumbing contractor. Points to evaluate include past experience with comparably sized projects and ability of the company to support the complexity of the project.

Heinz Mechanical Industries offers design build and general construction contractor services. We work with professional and technical experts to provide planning, preconstruction, construction and post-construction services.

We also provide commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning services for industrial and commercial projects of any size. Heinz Mechanical Industries is licensed, insured and bonded in Oregon and Washington state.


At Heinz Mechanical Industries we are proud to be affiliated with various trade organizations and contracting associations.

Heinz Mechanical Industries is signatory with UA Local 290 Plumbers & Steamfitters, AGC of America, ASSE International, PHCC, PMCA, MCAA, ASHRAE.

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