CRAC Units


Ensuring that data centers and other types of technology-focused environments stay cool is a crucial purpose of CRAC units. These units are important for schools, data centers, medical facilities and server rooms because they maintain specific temperatures within these rooms.

CRAC Computer Room AC Unit Installation Services in Portland OR Vancouver WAThere are a few different types of cooling options:

Free Cooling: This cooling option will take advantage of outdoor air conditions when the humidity conditions and outside temperature permit. Only the unit fans will activate when free cooling is engaged.
Chilled Water: This option moves air through a chilled water coil and is often most beneficial when used during summer’s peak temperature hours.
Direct Expansion Cooling: A traditional refrigerant based system that’s available in water cooled and air cooled systems. The air cooled systems use outdoor condensing units, and the water cooled systems use a chilled water system.

What is the Difference Between CRAC and CRAH Units?

CRAC units and CRAH units are both used to cool servers in data centers, but both operate differently.

  • CRAC
    • uses refrigerant
    • requires a compressor
  • CRAH
    • utilizes chilled water
    • has a control valve

Read, “What is the Difference Between CRAC and CRAH Units” to learn more about these cooling units, how they operate, and how they should be situated for your data center.

What is the Ideal Temperature for a Server Room?

The ideal temperature for a server room is generally anywhere between 50°F and 82°F. Although this is a wide range, you don’t want to plan for the extremes. If your server fails, you’ll begin to suffer:

  • Constant reboots
  • Slowly operating PCs
  • Service disruptions
  • and more.

You can learn more about how to provide even temperatures by reading our, “What is the Ideal Temperature for a Server Room” page.


The mechanical contractors of Heinz Mechanical have experience serving the HVAC needs across a wide array of commercial and industrial buildings, including:

  • Medical Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Zoos
  • Stadiums
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Government Buildings

No matter the size or scope of your CRAC installation project, Heinz Mechanical has the right solution to suit your needs and your budget.


Our contractors can install units without wasting time on development and research. Technology has continued to evolve in the space. Newer units are equipped with variable speed options, which can help with power efficiency.

Contact Heinz Mechanical today to learn more about our CRAC unit installation services. We look forward to putting our years of experience to work to solve your needs.

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