LEED Construction

LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an environmentally sound way to construct and renovate commercial and residential buildings to reduce energy usage and lower the carbon footprint. Green commercial contractors who design and build using LEED guidelines pay attention to a host of factors that conserve natural resources, integrate the building into the natural landscape and tap into natural energy sources for heating, cooling, ventilation and water supply. The result is a healthier environment for building occupants, lower energy costs and an attractively designed structure.

LEED Construction Principles

LEED construction guidelines, designed by the Green Building Council, address energy-efficient, low carbon-footprint practices for new and renovated buildings. Placement of the building on the site, use of natural vegetation and orientation to capture solar gain in the winter and shade in the summer contribute to a well-designed LEED commercial building.

From the building shell to flooring to HVAC equipment and lighting, LEED commercial construction reduces a building’s carbon footprint, saves water and reduces fuel usage. Interiors are designed to improve ventilation by adding air filtration systems to reduce mold and allergens. Experienced green commercial contractors are familiar with low-emitting materials including paints, adhesives, insulation, walls and flooring. Indoor air is cleaner because interior materials produce fewer fumes and airborne toxins.

Green Commercial Contractors

Green commercial contractors certified by the Green Building Council understand how to put the principles of LEED construction into practice. Use of Energy Star rated appliances and building materials, cool roofs and landscaping are part of LEED commercial site development and construction. Commercial contractors who are also Energy Star certified partners use Energy Star recommended products and building practices that contribute to energy and water conservation and healthy indoor environments.

Commercial building owners who opt for LEED construction under the guidance of an experienced green commercial contractor will be proud that their establishments contribute to the ecologic and aesthetic quality of their communities.

Heinz Mechanical Industries of Portland, Oregon is an experienced LEED contractor who provides a number of commercial construction services including design build, new HVAC installation and plumbing solutions to industrial and commercial businesses.

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