New HVAC Design-Build

If you’re having a new commercial property built, it’s important to ensure it has proper heating and cooling to keep your staff and clients comfortable all year-round. Not every HVAC system or building is created equal, so it’s wise to know which options suit your property’s needs.

At Heinz Mechanical Industries, we have a team of contractors that will design your commercial HVAC system. Our industry-leading HVAC designs, combined with our years of experience make us a top choice for your HVAC system design.

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Factors of a Great Commercial HVAC Design

  • Listening to the client: each building is unique. We’ll listen to our clients and take every factor and nuisance into consideration when designing your new HVAC system. We work with design-build points of contact to make the project efficient and performed on-time.
  • Calculating properly: an oversized HVAC unit can make your building uncomfortable, but result in higher energy consumption, and frequent breakdowns. Whereas an undersized HVAC unit will work continuously and have trouble trying to maintain a temperature.
  • Incorporating ventilation: ventilation is a key component in your HVAC system otherwise it won’t transport the air efficiently.

At Heinz Mechanical Industries, we understand the unique needs of commercial buildings such as retail spaces, restaurants, and office buildings. We offer custom commercial HVAC designs according to your building requirements, size, and staff.

Commercial HVAC installation

Types of Commercial HVAC Designs

  • Packaged units: packaged units are installed on the roof of a commercial building. They have the air conditioner, coil, and heating system contained to one cabinet.
  • Heat pump: with heat pumps, individual air handlers are installed in different spaces

Commercial HVAC Design in Oregon

For exceptional commercial HVAC design and installation in the Portland and Vancouver areas, turn to Heinz Mechanical Industries. As a trusted HVAC contractor, we offer a wide range of services for new commercial properties, including heating and cooling systems. Contact us today at (503) 564-1966 or fill out our convenient online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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