Variable Air Volume Systems

VAV Box Systems

vav box systems services provided by Heinz Mechanical contractor serving Portland ORVAV box systems are used to regulate the air temperature in manufacturing facilities, data centers, zoo enclosures and other large commercial spaces. They are a type of efficient zoned heating and cooling system featuring a single temperature control.

Here is a brief overview of how variable air volume boxes work and why it makes sense to contact us for your VAV system needs.

VAV Box Systems Design

Variable air volume boxes have several key components that work together to deliver the proper amount of treated air to one or more thermostatically controlled zones. The components include:

  • A central air handling unit to force treated air through ducts to the space to be heated or cooled
  • A VAV zone terminal (VAV box) connected to the duct work that is fitted with a damper that can be opened or closed incrementally to increase or reduce the flow of treated air
  • Air flow and air pressure sensors to optimize damper control
  • A thermostat connected to the damper controller to regulate its position, so that the proper amount of treated air is forced into the space
  • A heating element (optional) that moves heated air to the space served

Installation and Maintenance of Variable Air Volume Boxes

Every space has unique factors that determine the capacity and performance required of the variable air volume system. That’s why it is important to partner with a team of professionals with many years of experience designing and installing VAV box systems in commercial and industrial facilities.

Our skilled professionals will work with you to customize a system delivering outstanding climate control while reducing energy use, waste and cost.

We provide preventive maintenance and repair of variable air volume boxes whether or not we’ve installed them. Maintenance tasks such as cleaning, changing filters, testing, lubricating, adjusting and upgrading VAV box systems is essential to their long-term performance and durability.

Choose the VAV Box System Professionals

Contact Heinz Mechanical Industries to learn more about our variable air volume HVAC systems. We look forward to working with you to design, install and maintain a system tailored to serve your space.

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