Design Assist Services

Pre Construction Planning

Pre Construction Plumbing and design assistance by Heinz Mechanical serving Portland OR Vancouver WAPre-construction planning is critical to the overall success of both new and renovation building projects. Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and indoor air quality are major elements that must be included in pre-construction design and site logistics.

Architects, engineers and other members of the pre-construction team work together to ensure that all elements of the design are planned to reduce costs and increase efficient use of space. A design assist services team consists of commercial plumbing professionals who collaborate with other technical experts, and it’s vital to the success of a project.

Pre Construction Planning for Plumbing Services

There are several steps that are part of pre-construction plumbing. The commercial plumbing team first works with clients and the design team to identify needs, understand the client’s budget, and complete a risk assessment.

The team then works with architects and engineers to most effectively position plumbing features such as piping, sewage, underground pipework, water supply, internal facilities and control centers. These plumbing features are integrated into the design to optimize use of space, minimize maintenance and lower operation costs.

Digital Design and Modeling Before Construction

The plumbing team incorporates the design concepts into CAD (a visual program for mechanical design) so that specific plumbing requirements can be visualized and accurately modeled. Specific plans will be drawn up that have physical measurements and requirements for appliances, piping, and fixtures. 

This modeling includes subcontractor input, addresses safety concerns, and analyzes potential impacts and conflicts. Subcontractors can begin preassembly or off-site fabrication of system components at this time.

Design Assist Services for Plumbing Modeling

Design assist services team members provide critical input during the pre-planning phase of a project. Team member collaboration reduces the time required for the pre-construction and construction phases.  Special equipment and materials required for construction will be ordered during this planning time, to avoid delays during construction.

The team includes all disciplines required to complete a construction project, enhancing overall cost-effectiveness and minimizing delays during actual construction. The team is available during the post-construction phase, providing a walk-through with the owner and training on new equipment.

Commercial Plumbing Contractors and State Regulations

A professional commercial plumbing contractor will make sure that all local, state and federal codes and regulations are followed in the design and operation of plumbing works. When you work with an expert plumbing contracting company, they will understand these codes and regulations inside out. The right pre-construction plumbing team will never cut corners, or ignore guidelines for plumbing construction. Heinz Mechanical is well-versed in the codes and regulations that need to be observed in the Oregon and Washington area. 

Professional Plumbing Design

Heinz Mechanical Industries offers more than just exceptional plumbing contracting–we offer a full range of pre-construction, design assist, and construction services. We have provided commercial plumbing, HVAC and construction management services in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington metro areas since 1998. Our expertise in the design phase of construction has saved our clients countless hours, and has helped keep projects either on, or under, budget. We will do everything in our power to make sure your project–no matter how large!–goes exactly as planned. Give us a call today!

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