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Heinz Mechanical provides exception commercial boiler repair in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.Today’s commercial boilers can be used in a lot of different buildings. While large commercial boilers are popular in larger applications, like university campuses, there are smaller systems that can be used in specialized applications. No two systems or buildings are ever going to be the same, but every commercial boiler requires repair and maintenance to stay running at top performance and efficiency.

Commercial Boiler Repair Concerns


  • Pressure leaks can occur in any number of places in a boiler system.
  • These can be quite small and even undetectable without professional help.
  • Leaks can create bigger issues if left unchecked.
  • Loss of pressure and slow build-up are key suspects here.


  • After a while, the lining within a boiler can become worn or coated with minerals.
  • Scaling is a common culprit in commercial boiler performance loss.
  • Scaling happens when particulate matter builds up in the unit, absorbing heat energy and slowing flows.
  • Burner issues, valving arrangements, and a number of other issues can also be to blame when you see efficiency on the decline.

Strange Noises:

  • One of the ways boilers tell us there is an issue is by making actual audible sounds.
  • Uncharacteristic sounds should always be investigated right away.
  • Whistling, gurgling, and banging noises can all mean there is a major issue at-hand.
  • Professional service is highly recommended.

Benefits of Proper Maintenance

In the end, maintenance is always the cheapest and most convenient solution. By following your boiler’s maintenance schedule and monitoring its regular use, small problems are found before they become overwhelming. It’s especially important in commercial applications, where heat is a vital piece of a building’s operation.

If you need more information or industry-leading expertise with your commercial boiler repair issues, give Heinz Mechanical a call today. We utilize only the most modern practices and standards, and we are licensed experts. Whether you need commercial boiler replacement, repair, or regular maintenance, we’d be happy to provide our exceptional services!

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