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Our Prefabrication Services

Prefabrication Services provided by Heinz Mechanical Serving Portland ORPrefabrication benefits include reduced on-site labor costs, a shortened construction time, and protection from inclement weather. Additionally, it is easier to maintain quality control within a highly-monitored environment.

Additionally, prefabrication allows for a safer working environment compared to on-site construction, and a minimized carbon footprint results from less travel to and from the job site. Less waste is produced as a result of in-house construction.

Heinz Mechanical Industries’ sheet metal, hydraulic gas and mechanical piping, and plumbing prefabrication shop helps ensure our commitment to lean manufacturing and on-time delivery of superior quality products.

Based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Heinz Mechanical Industries’ prefabrication and commercial welding services provide the utmost in client satisfaction, whether we are fabricating HVAC, Pipe Fittings, Plumbing pipes, or filters to meet our commercial customers’ needs.

HVAC Fabrication

Inside our top-of-the-line prefabrication shop, we have the ability to construct entire and complete mechanical rooms for our clients’ HVAC needs, including high-level modular prefabs of equipment skids and piping racks. We can migrate and install these integrated systems on-site very quickly.

Pipe Fitting Prefabrication

We are adept at welding pipe of practically any size, fabricating frames for equipment, stainless steel, custom supports and more, within our in-house piping shop.

Our prefabrication piping capabilities include:

  • Coil connections and assemblies
  • Pump assemblies
  • Welded joints and fittings
  • Plumbing assemblies
  • Fixture assemblies

Our detailing teams send “spool” packets containing our highly-complex piping systems which are broken into modular sections. This maximizes our efficiency and quality. From here, they are built in our shop and sent to the job site for expert installation.

Plumbing Prefabrication

Heinz Mechanical Industries is committed to LEAN values, carefully coordinating logistics and delivery schedules to maximize the efficiency of your commercial plumbing project. Through our streamlined plumbing prefabrication process, we are able to install a higher-quality system in a short time frame.

Our specialized shop can accomplish any project, from prefabricated risers and bathroom wall assemblies to multi-trade racks (MTR’s.) We are continually seeking out new ways to minimize costs and maximize efficiency in our processes.


As our own distributor, we can focus on providing immediate service to our commercial customers. If a piece of equipment demands a certain size filter currently out of stock, we have the capability to create it and deliver it same-day. At Heinz Mechanical Industries, we are dedicated to providing the utmost quality service by ensuring our customers have the clean filters they need as soon as possible.

Prefabrication Services in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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