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Business owners want a reliable general contractor to oversee the planning of new construction or renovation of an existing structure in a responsible and timely manner. Experienced commercial construction contractors know how to assemble and work with a team of professionals and technicians who can plan, design and implement projects in accordance with the owner’s needs. A well-managed project minimizes costly time delays and cost overruns.

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Commercial contractors design & build using LEED guidelines. We look at ways to conserve resources, integrate the building into the natural landscape and tap natural energy sources.

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Heinz Mechanical Industries provides the utmost in client satisfaction, whether we prefabricate HVAC, Pipe Fittings, Plumbing pipes, or filters.

Commercial Construction Contractors Design

There are several ways to manage a commercial construction project. The design-build model assembles a team that represents all disciplines involved in the project. The team works together to evaluate the budget, understand the scope of the project and see the project through from idea to reality. This collaborative effort saves both time and money, avoids design conflicts and ensures that material and equipment needs are met in a timely manner.

General contracting uses the traditional model of commercial construction. A commercial construction contractor oversees the construction of a project and is responsible for managing subcontractors who are brought into the project for specified tasks.

Owners and stakeholders must be assured of an experienced, hands-on contractor with strong partnerships to see the project through from conception to completion.


At Heinz Mechanical Industries we are proud to be affiliated with various trade organizations and contracting associations.

Heinz Mechanical Industries is signatory with UA Local 290 Plumbers & Steamfitters, AGC of America, ASSE International, PHCC, PMCA, MCAA, ASHRAE.

Industrial Construction Services

Industrial construction often requires specialized expertise to make sure that the technological requirements of a project are properly executed and integrated into the design.

Control rooms, isolated HVAC systems and ductwork, air quality units, special use areas and appropriately scaled plumbing systems are just a few of the elements that we must incorporate. Each element must be built to code and industry standards.

Commercial construction contractors address all issues such as safety during construction and ease of operation after completion.

Heinz Mechanical Industries has almost 20 years of experience in the commercial and industrial construction services in the greater Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area. We offer general contracting and design-build services to bring a project from an idea to an operating facility.

Heinz Mechanical Industries is well-versed with energy-efficient designs, using LEED construction principles to maximize use of natural resources and minimize operation costs. We also provide commercial HVAC and plumbing services for new construction and retrofitting.

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